Pet & Kid Friendly, Waterproof Carpet

Pet-friendly rugs, carpet, and luxury vinyl that are waterproof and stain-resistant are available in a wide range of styles and colors
Pet, Kid Friendly, Water Proof Carpet and Rugs

We all know that life happens. Pets make messes. Kids make messes.

Stain resistant, waterproof, pet friendly are definitely words you want to associate with your carpet, rugs, and other flooring products if your family has pets and kids. With that, are you sick of worrying that your children or dogs may ruin your carpets or rugs? Look nowhere else! Pet-friendly rugs, carpets, and luxury vinyl that are waterproof and stain-resistant are available in a wide range of styles and colors at Carpets in Dalton. For pet owners who don’t want the burden of ongoing cleaning but still want to keep their homes looking clean and fresh, our flooring solutions are ideal. We provide carpets for pet owners that have cutting-edge stain-resistance technology like SmartStrand Forever Clean and LifeGuard spill proof technology. As an additional option, we provide Lifeguard carpets, which are totally waterproof, allowing you to relax knowing that spills and other mishaps won’t damage your floors. We provide a variety of pet-friendly rugs in addition to our pet-friendly carpets that are made to last and be simple to clean. These floor coverings are ideal for places with heavy foot traffic or those where your dogs spend a lot of time. Allow yourself to enjoy your house with your animal pets without letting the worry of spills and stains stop you. Find the ideal flooring for your house at Carpets in Dalton today to browse our collection of pet-friendly rugs and carpets! We offer the best products and the best prices at a discount and wholesale.


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