Shag & Frieze Carpet

Shag and frieze carpet are similar to a textured or trackless carpet in that footprints and vacuum sweeper marks are disguised.
shag and frieze carpet

Experience the epitome of high style and durability with the sweeping West Coast trend that’s making waves nationwide – frieze and shag carpets.

Frieze, a contemporary evolution of shag, serves a dual purpose as both lavish wall-to-wall carpeting and exquisite area rugs.

Indulge in the luxury of shag and frieze carpets, which share similarities with textured carpets by ingeniously concealing footprints and vacuum marks. This alluring textured effect is achieved through meticulously crafted high twist levels applied to the plied yarns. The increased twist imparts a distinctive kinked appearance to the tufts, creating an aesthetically pleasing texture. Beyond visual allure, heightened twist levels also translate to superior performance characteristics compared to their lower twist counterparts, all while retaining the same exceptional construction attributes.

Imagine burying your worries about footprints and vacuum lines as you sink your feet into luxurious comfort. Shag and frieze carpets successfully conceal any evidence of foot wear while also redefining grandeur and keeping a perfectly textured appearance. These carpets will elevate your interior spaces because each tuft has been expertly twisted to combine durability and plushness. Experience unmatched style and comfort without sacrificing performance.

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