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Why buy wholesale/discount flooring from Carpets in Dalton?

Carpets in Dalton is located in the carpet capital of the world, Dalton, Georgia. We have direct access to the major mills and smaller mills alike. These mills provide us with the deepest discounts that are not available to those outside of the Dalton metro area. You can save 30% – 60% on most flooring products including carpet, area rugs, luxury vinyl, hardwood, carpet tile, and more. Well beyond our deeply discounted flooring, our customer service is second to none. We’ve learned a lot in our over 25 years in business. The customer is the benefactor.

We have a guide to buying wholesale carpet and flooring in our Resources.

Yes! We can make a custom area rug from almost any roll of carpet that we sell. There may be a few exceptions. You can get a quote on a custom rug easily by clicking the “Make A Rug” button on the product page of most carpet styles. If you already know the carpet style you need a custom rug quote on, just select Get a Rug Quote under the RUGS menu option.

You can also see our overview page: We Make Custom Rugs. If you need more information, just give us a call.

Yes. We do send out free carpet samples. You can order samples from most product pages. There is a limit of 10 samples per customer, per order. You can also use the stand-alone Sample Request form located on the top navigation bar.

You have multiple options for buying carpet from us. First option, you can just call us. Our carpet and flooring experts will be happy to help you find the right product for your project. Of course, you can browse or search our online catalog/shop to find the flooring product that you want. Once you have selected the product of your choice, simply click the Get Quote button below the color options (if any) and complete the checkout procedure. One of our trained sales experts will contact you with our best price. If you already know what you want, you can simply click the Price Quote located on the top navigation bar or on the homepage. Of course, you can always call us for your price. Once we have settled on a price and other details of your order, your sales representative will send you a proposal. Once you have signed off on the proposal, you can pay by most major credit cards or Check by Fax. Financing is available.

Yes. Please discuss this with your sales representative or you can visit our Financing Your Floors page for details on one financing option.

Our sales professionals are specialized in many aspects of flooring products from carpet, custom rugs, LVT, to hardwood. We can even help you choose the right carpet and flooring for both residential and commercial installations and give expert guidance. We do have some specific brands that we prefer over other others. You can find our preferred brands at the top of our Featured Brands page.

Keep in mind, we have a dedicated website just for hotel and motel carpet if you need that specific type of flooring. Visit Dalton Hospitality Carpet Mills >>

Yes, we offer a wide range of carpet that you may not find in your local big box store. Most every style of carpet we offer can be made into a custom area rug. Just request a Rug Quote from the product page.

The less traditional carpet that we sell includes plaid carpet which encompasses Scottish tartans, animal print carpet which encompasses such exotic patterns as zebra, cheetah, leopard, tiger, and more. Of course we have sustainable flooring such as wool carpet and sisal. Stanton Carpet and related brands manufactures a wide selection of unique and non-traditional carpet this is perfect for rugs.

Yes. We ship all of our flooring products including carpet, rugs, and hard surfaces anywhere in the lower 48. If you need to ship somewhere else, please call. It’s important that you consult with your sales representative so we can get you the best shipping rates and the best prices for your flooring.

For complete details, check our Ordering & Shipping page.

We have been in business since 2000. We began our business as a custom area rug manufacturer, supplying high end rugs to local dealers and consumers. We quickly maneuvered to take advantage of our relationships with the large mills to establish our business on the World Wide Web. The first iteration of Carpets In Dalton, one of the first flooring stores to take to the internet, was born from vision and a desire to bring flooring prices only found in Dalton, Georgia to the rest of America. With our success in the residential markets, we soon did the same thing for the hospitality industry by launching Dalton Hospitality Carpet Mills.

Today, our original goals have not changed much. We have only gotten better. We bring name brands like Stanton Carpet, Prestige Mills and stalwarts like Mohawk to home owners across the nation at prices not found at big box stores or other brick and mortar stores not located in Dalton.

Over the years with the shifting of trends in home decor, our best sellers have changed. The better brands in our lineup like Stanton who are more fashion conscious tend to follow these trends or establish their own. Of course, Luxury Vinyl (LVT/LVP) has emerged as the top seller in hard surfaces.

  • Wool Carpet remains a best seller for many reasons including its sustainability.
  • Plaids and animal print carpets are popular among those who want something that is more personal.
  • Luxury Vinyl such as products from Provenza Floors is still a growing products line.
  • Custom Rugs remains a best selling item for us after all these years. The best thing is that the consumer has more options than ever.
  • Classic hardwood flooring is one of our most requested products. Traditional options as well as artisan options are available.
  • Nylon Carpet is probably the most common carpet installed in modern homes and for good reason. Its affordable, durable and available in many styles such as plush, frieze, Berber, etc.
  • As of late, we have had a lot of interest in traditional Scottish tartan patterns which we import. We have a plaid carpet tile that is suitable for both residential carpet and commercial installations.
  • Traditional chevron and diamond pattern carpet from brands like Prestige Mills and Stanton Carpet are stalwarts in our line up.

Additionally, we have a brief article in Resources about our Top Carpet & Flooring Brands.