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Use our square footage calculator to estimate the amount of carpet or flooring you will need for each room in your project

Are you ready to estimate how much carpet or flooring you need to buy for your project?

Use our square footage calculator to estimate the amount of carpet or flooring you will need for each room.

This will help you estimate the total square footage for a room. Do not use this number as your final ordering number until you are absolutely sure of your measurements or have received measurements from a professional carpeting / flooring installer.

Don’t be confused by terms such as square yardage. We will help you make any conversions.

This calculator will indicate the estimated amount of flooring for a specific room. After entering the dimensions of the room, the calculator will provide you with the number of square feet you will need for a specific room. It’s a good idea to add 10 percent to this calculation for waste.

Once you have your rough estimates, we can help you figure out the final cost of your flooring and make any conversions for you.

Sq ft calculator

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