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Placing Orders Online & Security

Here at,, and Carpet and Rug, Inc., we do our very best to ensure that your shopping experience is not only convenient, but safe as well. We have in place physical and electronic safeguards to protect the security and privacy of your personal information. In addition to the third-party security SSL technology, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect your information as it is transmitted to us through our secure server in an encrypted manner. If for any reason you feel uneasy placing your order over the internet, feel free to call us at 855-824-6546, and we can assist in placing your order over the phone.

Our company takes security and online processing very serious for ourselves and our customers. We often employ a third party to do security checks on our servers and consult with experts in the field to make our servers safe and running in compliance with PCI and other standards for compliance.

Information on How we store & use “Cookies”

We only store the information you voluntarily provide to us, including your name, address, phone number, and any login information. Once an order is placed, credit card information is relayed directly from your browser to our merchant credit card processors secure environment. We never see your actual credit card data using this method, after which it is moved into a separate, secure program and only stored by our merchant processor. We do not have access to see the full credit card info you enter.

Personal information is only kept for account retrieval purposes, order history, facilitating shipping of your order and keeping you up to date on news and updates to our available stock, this is stored for your convenience.  We also have to comply with local government and IRS laws of data kept for tax reporting purposes.

Credit Card numbers are NOT kept under a customer’s personal,, and Carpet and Rug, inc. Account. Nor does any Employee have direct access to your Credit Card. We do not save your information when this information is relayed over the telephone. We use secure transmissions to our merchant and after a Card is processed, information is destroyed on our end.

“Cookies” are used by,, and Carpet and Rug, inc. in conjunction with your web browser in order to keep track of your movements through the site to help give you relevant information. This enables us to store the items you may have been interested in, your search queries, and products in your shopping basket or to help you order samples of our products and allow things to pass through our technologies in order to facilitate a good user experience and process your orders in an easier manner.,, and Carpet and Rug, inc. does not, and will not use “cookies” to retrieve any personal information from your computer.

If a user on our site decides, within their right to not consent to using cookies, we cannot guarantee that there will not be issues with your experience with our website and your web browser, we also cannot guarantee that the system will function properly to be able to facilitate an order. Part of cookie consent use does fall into the security needs of our website )

When you become a user we use your information for the sole purpose of facilitating an order and / or letting you know about potential items or services we are selling on our website.

Items that we keep record of:

  • Cookies
  • Automatically Collected Data such as your IP address, connection information such as browser type and version, information about your device including device-type and device identifier, operating system and platform, mobile network data, a unique reference number linked to the data you enter on our system, login details, the site from which you arrived at our service, details of your activity with date and time stamps.

Legal basis

We collect data about you because it’s necessary for our contract in order to provide you with our service and because we use this to manage and improve our service. Among other items of use, we use your data to send you invoices, process payments or create anonymized traffic analysis.


As is common practice with almost all professional websites this site uses cookies, which are tiny files that are downloaded to your computer, to improve your experience. You can configure your browser to prevent these cookies from being stored, however this may downgrade or break certain elements of our website’s functionality. For more general information on cookies see this Wikipedia article.

By continuing to use our website, we assume that you consent to use of the following cookies:

Session, cookie-consent and CSRF-protection


  • Purpose: Remembering your account so you don’t have to log in every time you navigate to a different page.
  • Protection against CSRF attacks, remembering your cookie consent
  • Collected data: Cookies, Automatically Collected Data, email address


  1. Physical shipping address
  2. Order History / Subscription
  3. Website Traffic statistics
  4. IP addresses for your security, preventing spam and hacker attempts and to keep our logs of consent.
  5. Geo location / location access – This is very limited and only is collected by a third party payment processor and other events related to fraud control. This may also be used to show our company “where” our customers are coming from in order for us to give the best service possible.
  6. Email
  7. Name


  • Marital Status
  • Biometric information
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Political Views
  • Company working for
  • Current Salary

Web Traffic Analytics

We may incorporate the use of Google Analytics to give us a better idea of how users are on our website to give us insights on how to make our system better for users overall. We are not collecting any type of Credit Card information, Driver’s License information, Social Security numbers or any other information like that on our website.

We do study these analytics for more than just marketing purposes. We often will look at web traffic to see when we have the most users on our website and this also helps us in making decisions in upgrading technologies or web server needs in order to keep our website running.

Google Analytics


  • Purpose: Anonymized traffic analysis, improving our service
  • Collected data: Cookies, Automatically Collected Data and others as specified in their Privacy Policy


Email lists:

We do offer the ability in every email sent from MailChimp or another third party mailing program for you to opt-out of receiving information from us or having other offers and promotions sent to you. We can remove you from our email list as well upon request if you contact us.

Who we may share your information with:

Our direct shipping carriers for delivering your purchases and items, our manufacturers if the item is being customized directly from our website developers to make sure that our server or our web technologies are doing as they need and are secure, third party security auditing programs, payment processors like Paypal, Braintree or, Mailchimp or other mailing system softwares, bookkeeping or accounting softwares, shipping management tools and other cross referencing agencies to ensure that your orders are not fraudulent or if information is not accurate, we are able to identify typos and other issues related to a delay in your order, other third parties that are relevant to our business operating.

Your information is not sold to third parties or traded to third parties. When we send out notification messages from our server or from our email list sending programs, we are not selling lists of people’s names or contact information.

If you ever receive an email from us promoting a third party, we are conducting that advertising directly from our servers and that third party does not have any access to your data, unless you decide to visit their websites or contact them directly and share that data.

Knowing your Rights:

Right to be Forgotten

Users can also now request that their data is deleted forever, however please note we must follow laws of the United States Government for commerce and tax reporting. Please contact us directly on the link provided on the top and bottom of this page.

If you wish to be removed from our email marketing lists, you will find a link at the bottom of each email you can remove yourself from contact. Though, if you are a paying customer, we still may need to contact you about an order in order to facillitate due diligence on our part in providing good customer service.

We do have to keep records to comply with local and federal law when it comes to Taxes. If you need more information on this or have questions about what the US government requires, please contact or reach out to the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Georgia in the USA for more information. There are many offices that regulate commerce and require data records to be kept from orders.

Right to Edit

Sometimes a user can enter a data wrong, like in an application form. We allow the users to edit their form data and account data when orders are placed with a real account, in the present and also any time in the future. We do not warranty and cannot warranty that our servers will be up 100% of the time for you to gain access to your information right away, because of routine maintenance and updates we carry out. Like vehicles, websites also have to have certain items fixed on them, and in some cases our website may not function as desired. You will find you will have access to this information most of the time , unless we are having a technological complication or having other routine maintenance performed by our staff or third party technicians.

We do guarantee that you may contact us directly and we will respond to you within a timely manner, if you need this information edited or removed by our administrative staff.

Right to Oppose

Users also have the right to oppose how you will use their information. If you have a concern about any practices we have, please feel free to contact us by phone or by email . We will gladly remedy the situation for you or will get you in touch with someone in our staff that can help explain things better if you are unclear.

Right to Move Data as Required

If a user requests their personal information to be moved to another person, location, service or company, we can do this for you upon request if you are located where the GDRP is in effect.

Keep in mind that not all of our staff has access to everything about you. Some information , like Credit Card data is NEVER stored on our company servers and maybe only with our banking institutions. We also take these requests extremely sensitive and we will require verification and identification of a person placing an order.

We Double Check Because We Care!

We guarantee that your transaction is safe and secure. At times, we receive orders that are suspicious in nature. In an effort to verify these orders and prevent unauthorized use of your credit card, we may contact you via e-mail or phone and ask you to confirm details about your account and your order.,, and Carpet and Rug, inc. reserves the right to cancel any order that we suspect to be fraudulent. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service possible, as well as a positive experience.


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