Porcelain TilePorcelain tile is fired at higher temperatures than standard earthware ceramic tile, making it denser, less porous, and wears better over time.

Porcelain tile is 30% stronger than granite and is resistant ant to staining. Once soiled, porcelain is easy to clean and bring back to its original luster.

We offer these types of porcelain tile:

  • Glazed: A glaze is applied that completely covers the tile
  • Color-Core: Glaze is applied to the tile but the body is still an integral part of the color and shows through
  • Tru Color: The color is fired deep into the body and is the same color all the way through the tile

Porcelain tile is good for the environment too:

  • Made from natural clays
  • Cleaning only requires water – not chemicals needed
  • Meets strict indoor air quality standards
  • Made from inert materials that will not emit contaminants
  • Does not readily support the growth of mold, fungus or bacteria
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