Designing A Custom Rug

Every custom rug from Carpets in Dalton is assembled by hand with the greatest attention to detail for aesthetics and durability.
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Overview of designing your custom rug or area rug

Carpets in Dalton believes quality is of the utmost importance to our customers. Every custom size rug is assembled by hand with the greatest attention to detail. We are happy to work with you to design and build your custom rug based on the any criteria that may be important to your project. Below describes a few of the different methods, services, and products available for your custom or area rug. For a detailed look finishing edges and backing system, please see Custom Rug Binding Options.

Finishing edges of custom or area rugs

Most of our custom or our area rugs are finished with binding or serging around the outside edges. Binding is a synthetic tape that will show 3/4 of an inch on the face for a smooth look. Serging on the other hand, is yarn wrapped around the edge for a more textured look. Wool serging is available for use on any product at no additional charge to our customers. People usually prefer a 3 inch to 5 inch cotton or leather binding for sisal or seagrass rugs. You can also finish your edges with small, medium, or large knot fringe.

Backing of custom or area rugs

There are a verity of different types of backing options available. Most commonly used, a non-slip quad back that is glued to the back of the rug, gives it a clean finish, and stabilizes the rug from any movement on hard surfaces such as tile or hardwood. If the rug will be placed on carpet, we suggest a grey felt back, more commonly known as a carpet gripper, that is also glued to the back of the custom rug or area rug. We also offer action back, used primarily for carpet surfaces. For existing rugs, another option to consider is a rubber pad underlay. These pads are not glued to the back but serve as a quick fix for custom rugs and area rugs already assembled.

Carving or sculpting of custom rugs

Depending on how dense your carpet is, Carpets in Dalton offers a service called “carving”, a beveled edge between specific colors to make your custom rug look more vibrant than ever. Please call to discuss these options.

If you already know specifics about the design that you want, request a rug quote or browse the many styles we offer.


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