9 Luxury Carpet Trends Interior Designers Are Embracing in 2024

From warm, comforting earthy neutrals to bold, nostalgic prints, refresh your floors with this year's most luxurious carpet trends.
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Luxury carpet, once thought to be a relic of the past, is experiencing a dazzling resurgence in 2024. This revival is fueled by a growing appreciation for its plush comfort and the vast array of sophisticated styles available. From creating cozy, elegant home environments to setting bold design statements, luxury carpet is redefining interiors with their opulence and charm. Here, we delve into nine luxury carpet trends that interior designers are eagerly adopting this year.

luxury carpet and rugs
Luxury Carpet – Ancestry in Tuscon Gold From Stanton

Trend 1: Grounding, Earthy Neutrals
In the luxury carpet category, neutral colors are reigning supreme. Earthy tones such as soft browns, rich beiges, and muted grays provide a foundation of elegance and longevity, making them a cornerstone in upscale interior design. Caron Grant, a celebrated interior designer, notes, “Earthy tones in luxury carpet create a tranquil and inviting ambiance, perfect for sophisticated settings.” These classic patterns are especially suitable for high-traffic areas, offering both practicality and timeless style.

Tattarsall by Stanton – Stair Runner

Trend 2: Classic Patterns in Modern Settings
Luxury carpet patterns are making a bold return in modern interiors. Designers are skillfully blending traditional motifs like tartan and houndstooth with contemporary decor, achieving a striking contrast. The Modern Tartan carpet by Prestige Mills epitomizes this trend, merging classic elegance with modern flair.

luxury-carpet-Bradenton Stanton
Bradenton Luxury Carpet from Stanton

Trend 3: Tactile, Textured Carpets
Texture is paramount in the design of luxury carpet. A variety of weaves and patterns enhance the tactile experience, inviting touch and interaction. The Bradenton by Crescent Carpet stands out with its intricate texture, adding depth and richness to any luxurious space.

Sonoma_Springs-Shell-Rug Luxury
Sonoma Sisal from Stanton

Trend 4: Sustainable and Enduring Materials
Sustainability is becoming a hallmark of luxury carpet design. Eco-friendly materials like wool, sisal, and seagrass are favored for their natural beauty and durability. Lorna Haigh, an expert in sustainable design, explains, “Natural fibers in luxury carpets not only benefit the environment but also elevate the aesthetic and comfort of high-end interiors.”

Trend 5: Carpet Runners
For those looking to add luxury without covering entire floors, carpet runners and custom rugs are the perfect solution. They offer warmth and texture, ideal for high-traffic areas. With a wide range of luxurious materials and sophisticated patterns, carpet runners and rugs are both stylish and functional, enhancing rooms, hallways and staircases.

Trend 6: Patterned Carpets
Patterned luxury carpet is making a grand return in living and dining rooms. Bold designs set a strong aesthetic tone, transforming spaces into vibrant, elegant environments. Lorna Haigh and Lisa Conway, influential figures in interior design, highlight the transformative power of pattern and color in luxury carpet. This trend includes the revival of plaid carpet, which bring a sense of tradition and sophistication to modern interiors.

luxury carpet -- kiki - stanton carpet
Luxury Animal Print Runner

Trend 7: Making an Impact in Small Rooms
In smaller spaces, luxury carpet can create a significant impact. Bold, colorful designs enhance visual appeal and create the illusion of larger areas. Jodie Hatton, a design expert, advises, “Starting your design from the floor up with a luxury carpet can anchor the room and guide the overall aesthetic.” Animal print carpet, with their daring and dynamic patterns, are also gaining popularity in small spaces, offering a bold and exotic touch.

Trend 8: Bold Colors Beyond the Walls
Deep, rich colors are extending beyond walls and into luxury carpet, with vibrant hues becoming a major trend for 2024. Designers are opting for carpets in jewel tones and bold shades to add depth and drama to interiors. Jon Flannigan and Lorna Haigh note that this trend reflects a growing confidence in using color to make bold design statements.

luxury-Jazabella stanton
Jazabella from Stanton

Trend 9: Smart Stripes
Striped luxury carpet is gaining popularity for their visual impact. Stripes can elongate and widen spaces, making them an intelligent choice for various areas of the home. Whether in hallways, living rooms, or bedrooms, striped luxury carpet offers a sophisticated solution to spatial design challenges.

As we look forward to 2024, luxury carpet is more than just a flooring choice—they are a statement of style, comfort, and sustainability. From grounding neutrals to bold patterns, including the trendy plaid carpet and animal print carpet, and eco-friendly materials such as sisal and wool carpet, these trends invite homeowners and interior designers to explore and embrace the versatility of luxury carpet. With their enduring appeal, luxury carpet is set to remain a cherished feature in high-end interior design for years to come. Carpets in Dalton is eager to assist you find the perfect carpet.


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