Plaid Carpet from Stanton & Prestige

Contemporary to Traditional Scottish Tartan

Plaid and tartan carpet is a stylish and versatile option for a traditional or contemporary decor in your home. Plaid carpet can add warmth, texture, and personality to your space, while also complementing a variety of furniture and decor styles.  Plaid  or tartan carpet can help you achieve your decorative goals. Most every carpet we have can be made into a custom rug, even plaids. See how to select the right plaid carpet.

Prestige Mills, a company that specializes in creating unique designs using old-world weaving techniques, is a well known manufacturer and importer of carpet and rugs. Prestige Mills offers a wonderful selection of plaid carpets in different colors, patterns, and materials, including wool, nylon, and polypropylene along with traditional clan tartans. You will also find a beautiful collection of plaid carpets from Stanton Carpet, a leading brand that offers tartans by clan, region, or color. Stanton Carpet’s plaid carpets are made from high-quality fibers and feature distinctive designs inspired by Scottish tartans, the traditional cloth of the Scottish clans. Whether you want to show off your heritage, or simply enjoy the beauty of plaid, Stanton Carpet and Prestige Mills have a perfect plaid carpet or rug for you.

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