Home Theater Carpet Idea Gallery

Theater Experience in the Comfort of Your Home

There is an excitement to experiencing Hollywood movies in the privacy and comfort of your own home. It can be accomplished with a full blown custom home theater or a scaled down media room. But no matter what you choose, you’ll need the right flooring to match your style and enhance your sound quality. (See: Home Theater Carpet: Easy Immersive Surround Sound)

Carpet is the ideal choice for  home theater or media room flooring. There are many design and construction options including custom size rugs to optimize the acoustics and aesthetics. Here are some idea to get you started,

Ideas for Your Carpeting

The above image is a home theater with Divine by Stanton Carpet. This wool and polysilk constructed carpet is not only adds to the elegance of the room but enhances the surround sound experience by reducing sound refraction. Stanton Carpet makes many carpets that are suitable for home theater or media room applications.

The above image is a home theater outfitted with Crescent Carpet’s Tattersall which is a highly desirable plaid carpet. Its not often that you see a carpet like this used in this application. Crescent Carpet has many options for home theater and media rooms which includes custom rugs.

The above gallery is a selection from the Any Day Matinee collection from Joy Carpets which is among our most popular and purposefully designed for home theater.